Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Blog Schedule

I will create new posts when needed, but I will attempt to keep a weekly schedule of posts also. These posts will have set themes but varying topics. Hopefully they will be entertaining and informative. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions when desired. Here is the schedule I will use for the near future and it could change without warning.

Sunday: “Snapshot Sunday” – Anybody that knows us, knows we take a lot of pictures. So my Sunday posts will be my three favorite pictures from the past 7 days.
Monday: “Stuff the Boys Say” – I will try to write down funny stuff that Eli and Coy say during the week and report on these sayings on Mondays.
Tuesday: “Top Ten Tuesday” – Random top ten rankings.
Wednesday: “Product Reviews” – Short review of products used by our family. These products may be household goods, children products, or athletic gear.
Thursday: “Random Thought Thursday” – A place and time for me to ramble on about something I find interesting or concerning.
Friday: “Good Food Friday” – This will be a general “food” inspired post. It could be a delicious recipe we used at the house, or a nice dinning out experience.
Saturday: “Weekly Exercise Report” – I will use my Saturday post to wrap up my exercise for the week. I will include walking, running, biking, or weight training completed in the past week.

So, please check back with my blog on a regular basis and give me any feedback you feel necessary. Thanks for taking time to take part in my newest project.

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