Saturday, May 12, 2012

Product Review

North Carolina Zoo

This week's product review is going to be a little different. Instead of analyzing some running gear or child product, I am going to be talking about vacation spots. Last week, Anna and I took the boys to the NC Zoo in Asheboro, North Carolina. This was the second trip we have taken to this zoo in the same number of years. I have personally visited several different zoos through my years, but I have not found any that have quite been laid out like the NC Zoo.

This zoo is built on a large number of acres. Being so spread out means that there is going to be a lot of walking during your visit. But the size also allows for the animals to have plenty of space and it allows for the habitats to not be right on top of each other.

We picked a Monday in early May to take the boys to the zoo to ensure mild weather and small crowds. Both of these goals were gained during our trip. We drove down to Asheboro on Sunday and spent the night in a hotel near the zoo. This allowed us to get up and make it to the zoo very early. After enjoying the continental breakfast at the hotel, we made it to the zoo just after 9 AM. We decided to park on the Africa side of the park. We parked at the other end last year and decided that we would change it up.

We were very pleased that the parking lots were mostly empty when we arrived. We took advantage of the empty park and took in many of the attractions during the first half of the day. Some of my personal favorite animals at the zoo were the lions, rhinos, seals, and baboons. After walking about 3 miles, we made it to the junction where there were a few places to get food. Before we ate, we took the boys to the 4D Dinosaur show. Eli made it about 1 minute through the show before he was screaming to leave. I feel bad taking enjoyment out of my child's terror, but it was pretty entertaining.

We got some slightly over priced food and then continued on to the America side of the park. It was a little disappointing that the polar bear exhibit was closed for construction, but we still enjoy that side of the zoo too. We had a very nice trip and the boys had a great time. I would strongly encourage those that are thinking of taking a zoo trip to consider vising the NC Zoo in Asheboro. After taking the boys there twice during the past two years, we haven't regretted it. After all that walking, I had to treat myself to a Cookout shake on our way out of town.

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  1. We love the North Carolina Zoo - my brother-in-law lives in Asheboro, so it makes it very convenient!