Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Product Review

Brooks Essential 2-in-1 7-Inch Shorts

This week I will be reviewing my first pair of official running shorts. I will save everyone from seeing an extra close up of me in some short running shorts! I will just reuse a picture from my Charlottesville half marathon weekend.

Having played and coached many years of football and basketball, I accumulated many pairs of athletic shorts. Most of the shorts are of the heavy mess material and are extra baggy. I have always liked playing basketball in baggy shorts but I found that running was different. Not only did the baggy shorts bother me by moving everywhere while I ran, they seemed to weigh 20 lbs. when they got sweaty.

So I decided to invest in some running shorts. After doing a few searches on Amazon, I found a pair of 7 inch running shorts by Brooks. They were reasonably priced (for running shorts) at $34 and since a friend had given me a Amazon gift card for $34 dollars on my 34th birthday (thanks Tim), it seemed perfect. So I went ahead and ordered the Brooks Essential 2-in-1 7-inch shorts, in black of course. I have to be honest, I didn't really pay attention to the "2-in-1" part of the shorts' description. It wasn't until they were delivered that I realized that the shorts had a built in boxer brief style liner.

After using these shorts for many runs and races, I am very happy with my purchase. The shorts are very lightweight and dry very quickly. They are not so short that I feel awkward wearing them while socializing after races and I have come to like the liner too. The shorts have normal pockets on the sides as well as a inner pocket perfect for a gel packet. When I am able to spend some more money on running gear, I am definitely going to buy some more running shorts.


  1. I got a pair of these for Christmas and they quickly became my go-to pair for races. I had never had shorts with the liner either, but I'm a quick convert, and would love to have a few more.

  2. The liner shorts also make it easier to pack for those destination races. No underwear required! One less reason to get paranoid about forgetting something!