Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fleet Feet Pub Run at Wasena City Tap Room

Anna and I have been wanting to take part in one of Fleet Feet's Pub Runs for months. Fleet Feet Sports is a running store located in Roanoke and they organize a lot of local events promoting running, as well as socializing as a community. These pub runs take place on Tuesday nights at 6 pm. The locations alternate between the Fork in the City and Wasena City Tap Room restaurants. Runners can choose between 3 or 5 mile runs on the nearby Roanoke River Greenway. The runs conclude at the restaurant, where there are food and drink specials.

Having just wrapped up Eli's fall soccer season, Anna and I were finally able to find a Tuesday night to take part in a Pub Run. Since I work in Lynchburg and we live in Montvale, just making it to Roanoke by 6pm is an adventure in itself. I made it home just in time to hug the boys, change my clothes and hop in the car with Anna. It makes me a little sad to not spend the evening with the boys, but Anna and I need to make an effort to do some sort of "date night" sometimes. I would like to say thanks to my Mom and Dad for watching the boys for us, so we could have a date night.

We made it to the Wasena City Tap room with plenty of time to spare. The run didn't start at exactly 6pm, so we had a few minutes to relax before we ran. A very nice gentleman saw my Mountain Junkies shirt and came over to talk with Anna and me. He was friends with the Mountain Junkies' organizers and actually takes pictures at their races. He asked if I was going to take part in the Into the Darkness race this coming weekend, which I am. So he told me to make sure to not look at the camera when I am running. Since the race is at night and flash will temporarily blind you! Meeting new people is what these pub runs are all about. It is nice to get outside and enjoy the beautiful evening while getting some exercise with people who also enjoy running.

Anna told me to do the 5 mile run and she could just run the 3 mile course, but this was our date night and I enjoy running with Anna. So we both ended up taking part in the 3 mile run. As usual, Anna put in her ear pods (to prevent me from talking her head off while we run). I don't mind Anna listening to her music because it allows me to take in the scenery without running my mouth the entire time. Plus, I caught a hint of "Paradise City" by Guns N Roses while running a section of the course!

The run went by really quick. It always love running on the Greenway. Not only were there a lot of people taking part in the Pub Run, but there were a ton of other people out running, walking, and biking. It is so night to see resource like the Greenway getting so heavily used. The people of Roanoke are blessed with beautiful scenery and wonderful parks to enjoy the outdoors!

Once Anna and I were done with our run, we got a table at the Tap Room. It was our first time at the restaurant and we were very impressed. Not only was the inside beautiful with all its brick walls and exposed ceilings, but the employees were so hospitable. We got a sausage and green pepper pizza and a couple draft beers. The pizza was awesome and we are definitely going to come back for a follow-up date night!

So, if you live in the Roanoke area and you are bored on a Tuesday evening. I would highly recommend taking part in one of these Pub Runs. It is hard to beat a good run, with awesome people, followed up by awesome food and drinks! Also, if you have never been to Fleet Feet in Roanoke, check them out. You will not find nicer people to help you get the running gear you need. Anna and I enjoyed our first experience at a Pub Run and we will definitely try to make it back another one soon.

**Some of the pictures used in the post were borrowed from Fleet Feets' Facebook page.

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