Monday, April 9, 2012

Stuff the Boys Say

1.) Eli just being honest...

Eli: “Mommy, can I watch something?”
Mommy: “No.”

Eli: “Why?”
Mommy: “Why can’t you watch something?”

Eli: “Because I hit Coy in the head with a shovel.”

2.) As Anna is getting ready for church on Easter morning, she walked through the bedroom with bobby pins in her recently curled hair.
Eli: “What wrong with your hair?”

Mommy: “What you don’t like it? I am going to wear it to church like this.”

Eli: “It’s gorgeous.”

3.) As Eli was looking through his goodies in his Easter basket, he noticed a notepad from the “dollar spot” at Target
Eli: “The Easter bunny shopped at Target.”

4.) After finding some sour apple gum in this Easter basket, knowing he doesn’t like that flavor, and knowing his Daddy does like that flavor, Eli handed me the gum and said:
Eli: “Here Daddy, the Easter bunny must have brought this for you.”

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