Sunday, April 22, 2012

Updated Blog Schedule

I apologize that I have gotten behind in my normal weekly posts this past week. After giving a little thought on my blog schedule, I have decided to make a few adjustments. Since our weekends are usually pretty busy, I am going to do away with my Friday post. I am going to bump my "Good Food Friday" and create "Tasty Thursday" instead. My old Thursday "random thought" post will no longer exist. I will just post random thoughts when I feel the need.

Updated Schedule:

Sunday: “Snapshot Sunday” – Anybody that knows us, knows we take a lot of pictures. So my Sunday posts will be my three favorite pictures from the past 7 days.
Monday: “Stuff the Boys Say” – I will try to write down funny stuff that Eli and Coy say during the week and report on these sayings on Mondays.
Tuesday: “Top Ten Tuesday” – Random top ten rankings.
Wednesday: “Product Reviews” – Short review of products used by our family. These products may be household goods, children products, or athletic gear.
Thursday: “Tasty Thursday" – This will be a general “food”inspired post. It could be a delicious recipe we used at the house, or a nice dinning out experience.
Saturday: “Weekly Exercise Report” – I will use my Saturday post to wrap up my exercise for the week. I will include walking, running, biking, or weight training completed in the past week.

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