Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm Back...

I first want to apologize to the few readers that may have visited my blog in the last couple months. I decided to take a little time off to finish my last grad class and wrap up a few projects around the house. Part of it was me being too tired at the end of the day to actually sit down and try to type something interesting. I have decided to make an attempt to keep my blog up-to-date once again. I will not being keeping the same weekly schedule of regular posts though. I found that I was pressing to find things to write about just so that I could write the daily post. If I had to try that hard to find something to write about, more than likely it was a waste of everyone’s time anyway. I will probably keep posting on the same topics (Funny Stuff the Boys Say, Recipes, Running Reports, Product Reviews, etc.). The posts will just not be on a set schedule.

I will use this post to catch everyone up on the past few months. Since my last post on June 4th, our family has been busy. We have been camping at Douthat State Park, lounging at Ocean Isle Beach, and pretty much just living the good life. The boys have been growing up so much in the past few months. Coy is a talking machine now and Eli keeps looking more and more like a little boy and not a toddler anymore. Coy will repeat anything you ask him to and he has been putting 3 and 4 words together to complete short sentences all by himself. Last night he was retrieving a toy from under Eli’s bed and could slide back out. All I heard from under the bed was the cutest little voice saying, “Help me Daddy. Help me Daddy.”

Eli and Coy are constantly fighting for something or racing somewhere. I am sure they get their competitiveness from both of their parents. So we hear “mine” and “me first” a lot around the house these days. Even though we have a constant battle on our hands most of the time, there are moments when they can really touch your heart. Last night Coy told us that he needed to pee, so we told Eli to take him to the bathroom and help him on the potty. Eli has done this before and he helps Coy take off his diaper. Without Eli or Coy knowing, I peaked in the bathroom to watch them. Eli carefully took off Coy’s shorts and diaper, then lifted up the training potty’s lid and said, “Here you go buddy”. Once Coy sat down, Eli told him to “Scoot back some” and helped pull him back on the seat. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but just seeing them help each other out with such care is very touching. These little moments make up for all the time spent trying to get Eli to eat his food or pick up his toys!

Personally, I was able to wrap up my last graduate course and complete all the requirements for my Masters of Information Technology from Virginia Tech. I started taking one class for three semesters a year, back in the fall of 2008 (before any children). So it was a huge relief to complete my degree. Now I have a new diploma sitting in a shipping envelope in my desk drawer, but at least I have it!

After finishing my school work, Anna and I started remodeling the finished side of the basement. Half of our basement has been finished since we bought the house, but of course the plain white walls were not liked by my ambitious wife! She found some pictures online of trim work she wanted us to do in the room (thanks Pinterest!). So after many hours of cutting, nailing, and painting, my “man cave” no longer looks like a “man cave”. I made my own deadline of September 3rd, so that I could watch the Virginia Tech’s first football game in style. We cut it very close but after staying up way too late painting for several days, we moved the furniture back in place on the 2nd. Whenever I can get the room straight enough to take some “after” pictures, I will post them.

Somehow, between all the playing, studying, and painting, I was able to get a little running in. I didn’t compete in any races in June or July. I stopped my long Saturday runs and spent those mornings with the boys. I tried to get all my miles in on weekday mornings before work. It worked out pretty good and I averaged around 22 miles a week. I ran in the Mountain Junkies Fab 5k in August. This 5k took place in the Green Hill Park in Roanoke. It was a very flat cross country course consisting mostly of grass and gravel. This course is known for being fast and I was shooting for a new personal record (PR) for a 5k. I was able to accomplish this goal by breaking my previous PR by almost 2 minutes with a time of 21:46.9. Recently I started making a longer run each week, in order to get ready for the Virginia 10 Miler in Lynchburg. I will cover my 10 Miler experience in a separate post later this week.

Once again I am sorry to be away for so long. Hopefully you made it through this dreadfully long post today. But now that I have caught everyone up with what we have been doing the past couple of months, I can get back to a more regular schedule of posts.