Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Thoughts Before Richmond

Well, it is almost here. Tomorrow I will be running in my second half marathon. It has been over 7 months since I ran in the Charlottesville half marathon. I do not feel as ready for this one as I did for the Charlottesville race. I have felt more like watching cartoons with Eli and Coy, instead of going on the longer Saturday morning runs. I am not stressing out about it though because my boys are only going to be this size once and there will be plenty more races to train for in the future. Eventhough I have not put in some of the longer runs I should have been doing, I have been getting plenty of miles in each week. I have really given my legs rest this past week, so hopefully they will feel great tomorrow morning.

Good luck to everyone running in Richmond this weekend. There is going to be so many people in these races, I am not sure I will get a chance to see everyone. Hopefully I will be posting a new PR this weekend, but if I don't....there is always next time!

Now I need to start packing!